Suncroft House  Zero Energy Home.   Potable Rainwater.



Home Builder:   Ecobuilding Collaborative of Oregon

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Construction Features:

– formaldehyde-free "Purebond" plywood
Daylighting - enhanced with Solatube and interior windows
Decking – recycled plastic composite ("Trex" and "Timbertech")
Doors (interior) – "Wheatcore" straw doors from Humabuilt (Ashland, OR)
Doors (exterior ) – fiberglass, with rigid foam insulation, low E glazing
Flooring – insulated concrete slab on two levels, bamboo flooring on upper level.
Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) - preheats incoming fresh air with exhaust air
Insulation – spray foam and rigid foam. Ceiling R-49, walls R-30, floors R-49 (approx.) Lighting - CFL bulbs ranging from 2 to 9 watts, mostly 5 watts. Some 0.25 watt LED bulbs.
Lumber – most of the wood is FSC certified
Paint - zero VOC
Passive Cooling – roof overhang shading; night cooling; superinsulated
Plumbing – PEX tubing, all insulated (hot and cold)
Roofing – standing-seam metal roof (Zincalume/Galvalume with clear acrylic coating)
Siding – Hardiplank, from recycled wood fiber and cement
Solar PV Array - 36 PV panels, total 6120 watts, grid-tied with battery backup
Solar Hot Water - typical 2 panels each 4x8', 80 gallon tank
Space Heating – radiant floor heat from ground source heat pump, ground loop depth 240'
Toilets - Toto Aquia dual flush, less than 1 gallon required per flush
Walls – 8" thick, with staggered studs to eliminate thermal bridging
Wastewater Heat Recovery – for shower water preheating ("GFX" or "Power Pipe")
Water Heating – solar hot water, with ground source heat pump water heater as backup
Windows – fiberglass, argon filled, low E, all casement type
Woodstove – high efficiency and low emissions, for emergency heating and cooking

Rainwater Harvesting System:
details coming ...

Solar Photovoltaic System:
details coming ...

Solar Hot Water System:
details coming ...

Heat Recovery Ventilation:
details coming ...

Wastewater Heat Recovery:

details coming ...

Radiant Floor Heating System:
details coming ...

Ground Source Heat Pump:
details coming ...


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